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The Accompanying Person fee entitles to:

  • Welcome cocktail on 27th April 2017
  • Working lunch on 27th and 28th April 2017
Optional tours

Minimum number required: 20 per tour
Meeting Point: Palazzo Re Enzo
Time: 10.00 am – 1.00 pm morning tour
            3.00 pm – 6.00 pm afternoon tour

Tour 1

Bologna “the Portly”
Bologna is famous all over the world for the richness and variety of its typical dishes: tagliatelle, tortellini, lasagne, mortadella, parmigiano etc. A tour through the old shops and narrow streets of the medieval market, among its scents and flavours.
The tour will lead us to the Cantina Bentivoglio, where we’ll have the opportunity to attend a cooking class: the “sfogline,” true masters of hand-made pasta, will guide the participants through the preparation of the famous “sfoglia,” the basic dough for tagliatelle and tortellini.
At the end of the lesson, everybody will taste what they prepared. Enjoy your meal!
Tour cost € 35,00 (VAT included)

Tour 1

Bologna, the city of towers
In the Middle Ages, Bologna boasted more than 100 towers, a spectacular sight to be sure. The city earned the name of "towered forest". Today, only 21 of these towers still stand, having survived the elements, wars, earthquakes and fires of the past few centuries.
This tour will tell the stories of the most important and most beautiful towers which still define, by their presence, the face and the soul of the city.
Le Due Torri (The Two Towers), located in the heart of the city, are a treasure at the heart of Bologna and its most traditional symbol. They have witnessed nearly one thousand years of the city's history. The Asinelli Tower (98 meters) is the highest leaning tower in Italy.
Torre Galluzzi (Galluzzi Tower) belonged to one of the main Guelph families of Bologna and is located inside a courtyard, which the Galluzzis once owned. Better than any other, this tall and strong building shows us how towers "worked" as strategic elements in a dense and complex urban network.
Torre Prendiparte (Prendiparte Tower) is considered by many the most beautiful tower in the city. 60 meters tall and very impressive, this tower is also called "the crowned one" because of a crown-like crenulation pattern in the brick at the top, which makes it even more "royal". Today it is home to one of the fanciest B&B in the world.
Torre dell’Arengo (Arengo Tower) is suspended above Palazzo del Podestà. This unique public tower has been testimony to the lively activity of this area of the city since the 13th century.
Torre dell'Orologio (Clock Tower) takes its name from the large clock that was added in 1444; all other clocks in the city were synchronized with this one. This tower stands on the ruins of the original residence of the famous jurist Accursio.
The climb of Campanile di San Pietro (Saint Peter's bell tower) is the grand finale of this tour full of wonderful surprises. We will see the most ancient building (910 BC) in the city, enjoy the most beautiful view, and discover the famous medieval Bolognese bell ringing art. (comfortable shoes with rubber soles are required).
Tour cost € 35,00 (VAT included)

Tour 2

Bologna’s jewels
Visit to the Compianto sul Cristo morto (Lamentation over the Dead Christ) by Niccolò dall’Arca, a truly unique sculptural ensemble in the history of Italian art, and to the Oratorio dei Battuti (Oratory of the Flagellants), a real baroque jewel and the ancient seat of the Confraternity of Flagellants.
The visit will continue into the church of Santo Stefano (St. Stephen), one of the wonders of the town, also known as the “the complex of the 7 churches” and as the “Holy Jerusalem of Bologna” because of the rich symbology characterising it.
To conclude the tour, the visit to San Giovanni in Monte, a 15th-century church full of renaissance treasures with its magnificent stained glass windows, sculptures and chapels.
Tour cost € 35,00 (VAT included)

Tour 1

Bologna and music
Bologna boasts a past and a musical tradition which is only paralleled by few other towns in Europe. As a UNESCO “Creative city of music”, it boasts numerous artists – from Father Martini to Mozart, from Rossini to Respighi – who were born or studied and worked here.
The tour will begin with a visit to the Teatro Comunale, one of the few examples of a still functioning theatre in the world which has preserved its original 19th-century hall. Maestros like Wagner, Verdi, and Arturo Toscanini directed the orchestra of this wonderful theatre.
The visit will continue to the Museo Internazionale della Musica (International Museum of Music), with its precious halls and the amazing collection of old musical instruments and sheet music started by Father Martini in the 18th century.
Finally, a stopover at the oratorio di Santa Cecilia (oratory of Saint Cecilia), the patron of music, with its wonderful cycle of frescoes.
Tour cost € 35,00 (VAT included)

Tour 1

Bologna and medicine
Bologna hosts the Alma Mater Studiorum, the oldest university in the western world, officially dating back to 1088. The town soon became an attraction pole for thousands of students from all over Europe who found here excellent lecturers and the best faculties. The first “Studium” was that of Law, but as early as the beginning of the 14th century, those of astronomy, philosophy, and medicine were added. Many were the famous doctors who made Bologna’s medicine known the world over, and even today its Faculty of Medicine is one of the best in Italy.
The tour will start with a visit to the Archiginnasio, the first unified seat of the university. We will visit the yard with its crests (more than 6000!, i.e., the largest collection in the world kept in a single site), which testifies to the international spirit of the town, today and in the past, the staircases, the wonderful Anatomical Theatre, where medicine students attended lessons where corpses were dissected.
The tour will continue inside the Museums of Palazzo Poggi, the current seat of the University. In its exhibition rooms the interesting collection of anatomical waxes, gathered by Giovanni Antonio Galli, is particularly noteworthy. A surgery professor, Mr. Galli founded the first school for midwives which included, in addition to theoretical lessons, “practical” explanations provided with the aid of tables, 3D wax statues and uterus models made of clay.
Tour cost € 35,00 (VAT included)